Artificial Intelligence in Fashion

artificial intelligence in fashion

To remain happy and content, you have to always move on with the times. Just visualize for a moment. If you do not use Facebook, Twitter or even WhatsApp, then the present generation will look at you in disbelief. In recent times, every person has a smartphone. And still, if you are making use of the old phone (not a smartphone), people will look at you like a million-year-old ancestor. So you have to always move on with the times. In similar terms, there are some industries which always embraced the technology updates in full force, and came out trumps. In this article, we are talking about the changes by Artificial Intelligence in the Fashion Industry.

Just have a look at the online e-commerce market in terms of fashion. The apparels and clothes of fashion designers are rolling out new models than ever. In prior times, a single collection of new dresses used to take at least six months to hit the market. The fashion designer has to study the recent trend, make updates and then produce his/her own models, and release them in the market.

Yes, there was a team, which took the updates, another team worked on the designs, marketing team and all. So you know the process usually takes a few months to a year.

1. Artificial Intelligence in Fashion: Analysis of Data

Now, the trend has changed. The most important part of the process was an analysis of data, so it took months. But now AI application tools can with accuracy, give the details regarding the trends. The massive data of patterns, colors, style then gets broken down into understandable data. It is then given to the human designer to make decisions on how to design the new product. This is the main reason, a single collection of design can make its way to the market within six months.

The buying trend has also changed. Let us imagine a situation. A famous Hollywood movie is the talk of the town. In a scene, the heroine wears a dress that has become a fashion trend. Now, since the public has become crazy over the dress, the fashion designer makes a killing in the market by selling the same dress. But he needs at least a number of one million dress to satisfy the customer all over the globe. The design, sewing part took time, but he made a decent profit. Other designers and second level manufacturers will quickly catch up with the trend. In recent times, customers look for instant gratification. And every benefit is provided at their fingertips. So the fashion designer team has to be fast and should ensure that the dresses are available to the public in a short time.

2. Artificial Intelligence in Fashion: Manufacturing Process

Artificial Intelligence in the Fashion Industry is not limited to analysis. The new technology has even stepped into the production process. There are many low level paying jobs which have been given to robots in countries such as Japan. And when you are a fashion brand, there should be no discrepancy in the design and manufacturing process. When the data gets fed to an Artificial Intelligence application, the design process will be accurate.

3. Artificial Intelligence in Fashion: Logistics

There are times when a customer books a dress, and he gets sent the wrong product. Now, with AI at the helm, the dispatch will get perfect.

4. Artificial Intelligence in Fashion: Feedback

Let us imagine, a reputed fashion designer wanted to design a new dress. He/she wants to get updates from his loyal customers. So, which is the most popular color? Features of the new dress? Style pattern? He can make a questionnaire and then submit on the website. There will be at least one lakh feedback forms by various customers. Now, if a human team has to go through the forms, it will take at least six months. But an Artificial Intelligence tool can easily look through the forms and give the best update. The fashion designer can then design the new version of a dress based on price, quality, and color.

5. Artificial Intelligence in Fashion: Deleting the Old Style Fashions

This model also helps in another way. You see, the fashion trend changes every now and then. And some styles vanish, gone forever. Remember the 1970s, when bell bottom pants and baggy pants were the rages? Now they are non-existent. In similar terms, an AI tool can also specify the style pattern that has vanished from the public eye. So, a fashion designer can entirely eliminate the style pattern on his new dresses and concentrate on the recent trend.

6. Artificial Intelligence in Fashion: Recent Trend

In recent times, fashion has introduced, social media, wearable tech and even influencer marketing with augmented reality in the new version of dresses. The introduction of artificial intelligence in fashion has made simple the lives of customers as well as fashion designers.

7. Artificial Intelligence In Fashion: Prediction

Artificial intelligence is a part of machine learning. An artificial intelligence application can only analyze data based on the written algorithms. It cannot go beyond the design. On the other hand, machine learning applications can learn by themselves based on artificial neural networks. For predictions, the fashion designers use machine learning to learn about shoppers’ behavior, their changes to recent trends.

8. Artificial Intelligence In Fashion: Recommendations

The online e-commerce industry is worth a trillion dollars. You save time by purchasing favorite products on the website. So, when you buy a specific product, recommendations pop up on the website. For example, you get messages such as the previous customer who picked the same product, also checked for these products. This is due to Artificial Intelligence.

9. Checking of Product

There are times when you are shopping online and get sight of your favorite dress. Now you want to purchase it online. But you have a doubt if your body is the right fit for the specific dress. You can make use of the combination of augmented reality and artificial intelligence to check if the dress is suitable.

10. Chatbots

Let us imagine, you have home care services in Bangalore which cater to home repairs. You have also ventured into providing services for weddings’ various events. Among your vendors are reputed caterers, sangeet planners, and tailors who stitch bridal dresses for.

So, have you read the applications for artificial intelligence in fashion? Do you think we have missed any of the artificial intelligence application? The comments section is free. You can put in your thoughts.

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