Do you Know Credit Card Benefits? Get to Know 9 Credit Card Benefits Now!


A credit card has emerged as a boon. Yes, it works wonders for the salaried class individuals to fulfill many desires. Even without waiting for monthly salary or having money in the bank, they can use a credit card to their advantages!

Yes, be it booking a movie ticket to buying an expensive smartphone or electronics, or paying bills, credit cards can cover all needs.

Did you know that credit card benefits are in plenty? Other than just giving you a certain credit limit as per your income and a grace period to repay, you get much more.

If you are unaware of some vital credit card benefits, continue reading this post to know!

Some immediate credit card benefits at a glance

  • Convenience

You don’t need to carry cash around when you pay for all your expenses with a simple swipe of your credit card? Yes, you name it, and you can pay for almost all your needs via your credit card. Do you still write a cheque to make payments? Just take out your plastic money, and you are ready to pay anywhere with convenience.

  • Recurring payments

Credit cards are excellent for one-time payments. You can also set it up automatically to make recurring utility payments. As a result, you won’t face issues like forgetting to pay bills on time and facing penalty charges.

  • Recharges and tickets

One of the biggest credit card benefits over cash is that you can use it to pay for an array of online services. Some services such as your flight ticket or mobile recharge do not come with cash on delivery. As a result, you can take out your credit card and pay for all expenses via a credit card.

  • Enjoy interest-free grace period

Another credit card benefit is that it comes with a grace period between your payment and purchases which could be up to 50 days. The credit card issuing company does not charge any interest. As a result, it is a perfect example of buying now and paying later.

  • Pay in affordable EMIs

Here is the other significant credit card benefit that you can enjoy which is none other than availing of the EMI facility that it offers. Yes, you don’t need to pay an entire amount at once, and instead divide the cost over a tenor and in EMIs. This way, you can manage your monthly expenses easily and pay the EMIs for the scheduled tenor. However, banks and lenders will levy you the interest charges for converting a transaction into EMIs. Still, it’s a profitable situation as you don’t need to pay all amount at once and can relax to pay only the affordable EMIs + interest amount.

  • Reward points

Every time you spend on your credit card, you earn rewards. You can redeem the earned rewards for some vouchers and gifts such as free shopping or even free air tickets.

  • Discounts and cashback

Did you know that you can earn fuel surcharge waivers and some fantastic online shopping deals while shopping on your credit card? Yes, your credit card rightly opens the door to a world of cashback and reward points.

  • Travel the world in style

Most of the leading credit card issuing banks and lenders makes your travel a far more pleasant experience. Hence, you may get complimentary access to domestic and international lounges. You may also enjoy priority check-in and baggage out, and extra luggage provisions at no additional costs.

  • It lets you track your expenses

Credit card statements are a great tool to help you track your expenses every month. You can have a look at it per month and know where your expenses are heading. Also, the credit card statements let you track your monthly spending patterns easily as you get to look at an itemized account of your outlays.

You are now aware of the credit card benefits that will help you live life comfortably. You can go for the credit card apply online facility and save your time.

You can check out your pre-approved offers by sharing your key personal information.

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