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Palace on Wheels

The interiors of Palace on Wheels coaches makes everyone to stay in astonishment, due to their wonderful interior works. As we know already the coaches of Palace on Wheels was named after Rajput clans. So according to the name assigned to the coach the interiors was designed.

Have a look at how the interiors of each coach were configured.

Alwar: Alwar was know for trade and commerce and preservation of greenery. So the interiors of the Palace on Wheels coaches were adorned with a mix of oils and cone work, miniature paintings.

Bharatpur: It’s the land of many native and migratory birds. That’s why the coach was allured with the works depicting various species of birds and the color theme of the coach will also promote the greenery of Bharatpur.

Bikaner: Bikaner coach’s ceiling with oil painting and relief work signifies the grandiosity of erstwhile Bikaner kingdom. Importantly, the canvas of Dhola & Maru lovers on the camel back is a wonderful work.

Bundi: The replica of Bundi Palace complex was featured to Bundi coaches. The theme of colors used in this coach reflects the charm of the bygone era with beautiful ceiling works and decorations.

Dholpur: Dholpur is a famous place for sandstone. So to depict the popularity of the city, the coach was designed with Teak Ply by making it looks like sandstone. To add rich glory, Zardari works were adorned to coach.

Dungargarh: Bhil tribals made this hill town popular. Due to the reason, unique architectural styles of mirror and relief work was adorned to the ceilings with the amalgamation of lep work.

Jaisalmer: This city was famous for many historical monuments and their architectural styles. That’s why this coach was featured with many architectural designs like jharkhas, mirror works, and color theme reflects the desert sands.

Jaipur: Jaipur city was well-known for many architectural wonders and history. To showcase it, the coach was allured foil work “Phad” and usage of Zardozi works. The walls are also adorned with miniature paintings and ceilings also look very fine with the usage of different colors.

Jhalawar: This city is a prominent place for Jhalas tribes(Brave Rajputs) and also known for natural beauty. That’s why the ceilings of the coach were featured with the designs of homes of local tribes and also mirror works showcases.

Jodhpur: Jodhpur is known for its mighty Mehrangarh Fort and city attractions. To instill the same glory Mughal architectural styles were used for ceilings and miniature paintings were also adorned to the coach.

Kishangarh: The Kishangarh coach was known for its ceiling works of Bani Thani paintings with a mix of different colors. The specialty of this painting style is the combination of colors look like eyes and long fingers.

Not only these, but also the three other coaches Kota, Sirohi, and Udaipur of Palace on Wheels also showcases different styles of interiors. However, the interiors of Palace on Wheels is the major plus point for it.

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