The Top Automobile Parts In India that are Used at a Large Scale

A car plays a crucial role in the transportation medium. Here we will discuss the most common automobile parts and how the whole system works simultaneously. There is a complex machinery involved in the whole system. So let’s start with its main part i.e. Engine.


The core of the engine is the cylinder, the piston moving up and down inside the cylinder gives the motion to the axle. In a multi-cylinder, the cylinders usually are arranged in one of the three ways: inline, V or flat. The engine also consists of some key parts like a spark plug, valves, piston, and crankshaft.


The battery is a vital component for every medium. It allows your vehicle to turn on the ignition when you plug in the key. In most of the cars, it will be located under the hood or bonnet.


The braking system is also a very important part. Braking system consists of various components like the brake pedal, caliper, light switch, pad, and rotor. Brake calipers can be located in the front or rear of the car. Brake Rotor is located alongside the caliper and pad. This plays a critical role when you hit the brake pedal.


The axle helps to transfer the power from the engine to the wheels. It plays an important part when you are willing to move, brake or turn your vehicle.

AC Compressor

This automobile part is found in the engine compartment. It will be on one of the sides of the car and is attached to the serpentine drive belt. It is used to provide cool air throughout the vehicle compartment. If you want your AC to get chilled then the AC compressor must be fully functional.

Shock absorbers

These components help to keep your vehicle stable when you drive over the uneven road. The shock absorbers are located on the underneath of your car. If you feel off with your vehicle functionality, take it to the service center as soon as possible.


This is the part of your car’s exhaust system and is responsible for keeping your vehicle noise quite low. It is located in between the engine front and tailpipe located at the backside.

So this was all about the important automobile parts and how they are linked to the machinery of any vehicle. If you are looking for automobile parts in India, you can search for it online.

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