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Top 10 Richest and Powerful Pakistanis

Top 10 Richest and Powerful Pakistanis

Pakistan is blessed with amazing people; smart, hardworking and skilled. This is why so many Pakistani’s have earned a name across the globe. Excelling in entrepreneurship, marketing, management and other fields, Pakistani’s have made it to the top layer for rich and successful people. Let’s have a look at the 10 richest people in Pakistan.

  • Mr.Tariq Saigol, whose Net Worth is an astounding $850 Million is number 10 on the list. He owns some of the most well-known companies in Pakistan such as Zimpex, Kohinoor Maple Leaf Group, Pak Electron Ltd, Kohinoor Textile Mills and of course Saigol Group. Mr. Tariq is the richest Pakistani businessman presently.
  • Malik Riaz, with the net worth of whopping $1.1 Billion. His name is synonymous with Bahria Town. He owns Asia’s largest real estate business. Behria town is known to be a very secure and trustworthy real estate platform. Malik Riaz is one of the most Powerful Pakistanis and one of the Richest Pakistani of 2018.
  • Abdul Razzaq Yaqoob’s, Net Worth is around $1 Billion. He is a well-known businessman, who although is Pakistani, is currently Dubai based. He is not only the president of ARY but also the president of the World Memon Organization. ARY is one of the biggest media groups in Pakistan and controls several stations. He is also a baron of the gold medal and owns 20 gold outlets across Asia. When you talk about Richest Pakistani men or Powerful Pakistanis, his name is bound to pop up in the top 3.
  • With his net worth of $1 Billion Nasir Schon, the CEO of All Schon Group which has many sub-firms under it such as the Pak-China Fertilizers, Schon Bank, Schon Textiles, Mr. Nasir has made it to our list of the top most Richest Pakistani of 2018. As one of the most Richest Pakistani, he automatically falls in the category of Powerful Pakistanis due to his goodwill and bank balance. He’s was also the first Pakistani to own a Rolls-Royce. He is currently working on the ‘Dubai Lagoon’ and has successfully retained his 7th position in the record of wealthiest people of Pakistan.
  • Saddaruddin Hashwani, with his net worth of an astounding $1.1 Billion, qualifies as one of the Richest Pakistanis. Everyone is well aware of the Hashoo group, especially because they own the Marriott Hotel franchise, Mr. Saddaruddin Hashwani owns it. Not just the Marriott Hotel franchise, but he also owns Pearl Continental Hotels. He ranks 6th on the Richest Pakistani list.
  • Mr Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, the ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan is also one of the Richest Pakistanis of 2018. With his net worth of $1.4 Billion, he is also a very powerful Pakistani even when it comes to International levels. He ruled PMLN, Pakistan Muslim League (N), Pakistan’s largest political party, for the longest of time. His successful political career has a lot to do with his immense wealth accumulation.  He owns several companies too. He ranks as the 2nd most prosperous politician of Pakistan and 5th richest man of Pakistan.
  • Sir Anwar Parvez whose net worth is $1.5 Billion, owns the Bestway Group, which is Pakistan’s second largest cement company. The Bestway Group is also the 16th biggest cash and carry operator at the United Kingdom. Anwar Parvez, one of the most Richest Pakistani has also served as the Deputy Chairman of United Bank Limited Pakistan, he is a well-known investor and businessman, which has also made him one of the most Powerful Pakistanis.
  • Asif Ali Zardari, is a name that needs no introduction. With $1.8 Billion as his net worth, this ex-president of Pakistan is a force to reckon with. From being jailed, to becoming one of the world’s richest men, he is capable of anything and everything. He isn’t only one of the Richest Pakistani, but is also one of the most Powerful Pakistanis.
  • Mian Muhammad Mansha, with his Net Worth of $2.5 Billion is the second richest Pakistani. |He is the CEO and chairman od MCB, Nishat and Adamjee group. He’s counted as 937th richest individual on earth.
  • Shahid Khan, Pakistani born American Billionaire, who minted money as he owns Jacksonville Jaguars. With his Net Worth of $7 Billion, he is Pakistan’s richest person. Currently residing in USA, he built his fortune dealing in automobile parts and is now the 490th richest man on earth!!

These are the Pakistanis who used their imagination and their sense of business to improve their financial status. They worked hard and reached the goals they set for themselves. These Pakistanis (not all of them) are an inspiration for everyone that of you can think it, you can definitely do it! Success will be yours if you work hard for it.

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