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What Deteriorates Tea Quality?


If not stored properly, even the best tea can easily deteriorate. Poor or improper tea packaging can make it stale, rancid or accumulate impurities that will alter its aroma as well as flavor. The worst part is it can also harm your body. Therefore, it is critical for tea suppliers or manufacturers to package their teas properly so they can remain as clean, fresh and flavorful as possible.

How Poor Tea Packaging Affects Tea Quality?

When tea suppliers fail to choose the best packaging for their teas, it’ll expose the ingredients to the following things that deteriorate the quality in a short time, especially for the lately picked green tea:

  1. Light
  2. Temperature
  3. Oxygen
  4. Humidity
  5. Moisture
  6. Odor Pollution
  7. Microorganisms

Here are some packaging solutions that Daria International uses to help tea manufacturers store different teas and boost their shelf lives.

Black Chai Tea

Black chai tea has a lower water content therefore, it can easily get damp or lose its scent. So in the process of storage, tea manufacturers should avoid storing different types of teas together. Typically, black chai tea can be stored in a dry and closed container, away from sunlight and high temperatures — tin can and purple clay candy can be really useful in protecting it against the sunlight. In brief, black tea can be kept fresh for a long time given that it stays away from light, odor and high temperature. This will extend its shelf life to 36 months.

Herbal Green Tea

Compared to other types of teas, herbal green tea gets deteriorated and oxidized quite fast. Once it’s deteriorated, the tea will lose its unique aroma and original color. Since low temperature can greatly lower the oxidation reaction rate and maintain the freshness of the tea, so it’s best to opt for low-temperature storage. You can use an aluminum foil bag or a metal can with a lid to store the tea. And don’t forget to cover the can with a few layers of bags before refrigerating the tea at 0-5 °C. Avoid storing any food with your green tea that carries a strong odor.

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