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A Quick Guide To Potato Mashers

Potato Mashers

One can substantially reduce the preparation time of food items by using the right kitchen appliances. Modern age cooking aids help in the quick process of cooking. One such handy device is a potato mashers. This device helps basically in mashing potatoes in a quicker, easier and cleaner way.

There are many kinds of potato mashers and also many other uses of potato mashers than mashing potatoes. The basic step is to choose the right kind of masher.

How to Choose Potato Mashers?

The following are the tips to select the best potato masher:

  • Explore reviews of potato masher brands. After this, you need to consider a model or design that best suits your needs. The market has various models with different features and benefits. Hence you must pick a design that matches your needs.
  • Never forget to evaluate the quality of material making the masher. Ideally, it must be made of stainless steel, which will resist corrosion and rust. Else, you cannot use the masher for long.
  • Consider the mechanism or mode of holding the masher. Certain types of mashers have horizontal handles while others have a vertical handles. Another factor is the cushioning on the grip. If the design lacks cushioning, your hand will feel sore after the use of masher.
  • Ascertain the surface area covered by the wire head. This will help you judge the time required for mashing the potatoes.
  • Ask for information on how to clean the masher. It must not take hours to clean the masher of its residues.
  • Compare the prices of mashers to make the final decision.

Why Use?

There are many ways to mash potatoes like using hand or blender. If you use naked hands for mashing potatoes, it will be unhygienic. When you do this, the sweat from your hand mixes in the dough. The process is also grimy and tough. When you use a blender, most of the mashed potato will stick to the blender blade and blender mug making it tough to access. You can also cut your hands, trying to remove mash from blades. But potato masher avoids all these harmful qualities. You can remove stuck potato mash with ease, clean it quickly and is much more hygienic than using germ-carrying, naked hands.

Other Uses of Potato Mashers

The potato masher is a compact, quick, lightweight and handy tool used for any type of task of food smashing. The following are other uses of the potato smasher:

TomA stew

The potato masher is an instant tool for making tomato stew. This stew is popular as a gravy and curry base. By smashing tomatoes, one can also make ketchup.

Walnut crusher

It is tough to crush walnuts by fork or hands. But you can crush 4 to 5 walnuts at a time using a potato masher.

Cookie crusher

Crushing cookies for making cheesecake is made easy, clean and convenient by using potato mashers. Using a blender for this is a time-consuming task. Potato mashers are easy to clean and handy to use.

Baby food maker

 Make apple puree, avocado puree or sweet potato puree by mashing these vegetables and fruits for creating baby food.

Making salad

Make tuna salad by mashing tuna and egg salad by mashing boiled eggs.

These are all some aspects of potato mashers and visit Whynot Reviews to read more product reviews.

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