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Do It Yourself Car Cleaning Tips

Car Cleaning

Washing your favorite car by yourself can be a good investment of time of relaxation indeed. However, people often get confused about how to clean their cars by themselves. Here we present yourself with some DIY car cleaning tips that are handy and easy to apply with effect.

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1. Cooking spray: Don’t be surprised. Cooking spray efficiently wipes off brake dust that is produced every time while applying brakes and the pads wear against the brake disks or cylinders. Brake dust is hard to wipe off but applying a light coating of cooking spray will easily wipe them off.

2. Mayonnaise: Pine sap or road tar are hard to remove. But mayonnaise has a solution form them. Slather some mayonnaise over the area, wait for several minutes and rinse it with a clean rag. Here you go, the road tar or pine sap are gone.

3. Recycled Spray Bottle: Suppose you are driving in winter morning and your car mirror gets fill with ice. What should you do now? A recycle spray bottle filled with windshield cleaner and ½ teaspoon of anti-freeze is the solution. Just bring out your recycled homemade spray bottle and clean windshield, mirror, and window within minutes.

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4. Baby wipes: Want an easier cleaning tip? Take the baby wipes from your home compartment and use them to rinse your car exterior. I bet, you never have thought of it. It really works; apply and let me know the result.

5. Paint Brush: A simple paint brush or foam brush will help you to clean the AC vents of your car. These brushes are cheap and provide the great result to rinse dust. If you want to clean the Ac vents more effectively, simply use a vacuum cleaner along with the brush.

6. Coca-Cola Magic: We consume a lot of Coca-Cola to satisfy our belly. But they are a good cleaning agent too. Yes, it’s scientifically proven that you can actually use Coca-Cola to wash the windshield. Its’ bubbles will fizz away the grime; later wash the cola with fresh water otherwise it might attract dust again.

7. Shine with hair-conditioner: Wait, I am not talking about shining your hair with a hair-conditioner rather about your car shine. Simply apply a hair-conditioner containing lanolin in a chrome and rub it gently with a soft towel. The gleaming exterior will make you a fan of your hair-conditioner. Besides, it saves your money too.

8. Ammonia: Are you tired of cleaning your car windscreen? Here is a tip for you. Simply mix 60ml ammonia with 1ltr water and keep it in a watertight bottle. Whenever you see your car windscreen getting dirty, apply the solution and rinse it with a clean towel.

9. Vinegar: Vinegar is an excellent cleaning agent. You can apply vinegar to clean wiper-blades and remove bumper stickers. You will need an undiluted distilled white vinegar for car cleaning purposes.

10. Another Cola Magic: If you see rust on your car chrome, simply dip an aluminum foil in cola and rub it against the chrome rust to get a new chrome. Yes, it really works.

These are some of the easiest Do it Yourself car cleaning tips. Please let us know how much you were impressed with the tips’ application effect.

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