Family Easter Morocco Tourism: Review From London.

Morocco Tourism

Well, Morocco has always been kind and accepting for everyone, the beautiful sunshine of this country no only invites you to invest your time but also give you the profit of self-discovery and inner peace. Not just once but you can visit this country many times and still want to have more of it after returning. This country has more than 5000 Religious churches making this state one of the best places for enjoying the sacred holidays of Easter. These trucks are the reason for Morocco tourism increases during the days of New year Easter and Christmas. The love and attention which you can find here are not found on any other part of the world. This is the reason why in 2018 I and my family decided to celebrate our Easter holidays in the holiest and sacred environment of Morocco. Our Morocco Tourism was the bundle of joy and happiness for us as we were about to visit the most magnificent country and the fun part was we knew that these holidays to Marrakech were going to be ravishing and refreshing as well!

This time we decided to see the traditional Palaces and the Mosques of Muslims which were a major part of this city! So after we reached the five start hotel in Morocco we knew that tomorrow we are going to visit the culture of Morocco, which not only includes visiting the church but the royal culture and the Islamic monuments as well! This was the contribution towards my children, I wanted to make our things to do in moroccomore and more informative, this way the children would have the material for their class presentations as well, also they will have something different to tell to their fellows. So it was decided that we are going to visit as many historical places as we can during our stay!

Started the tour from Marrakech International Protestant Church

The most wonderful thing is that this church is as peaceful from outside as it is from the inside. This is the biggest source of the peace and joy that this place seems to be so quiet and Father was reciting the prayer, after starting the best day with the wishes and prayer we knew that rest of our tour was going to be amazing

Palaces In Marrakech

We decided to visit all the Palaces in Marrakech so we had to start with the Bahia Palace which was no doubt the rightful source of keeping the Morocco tourism alive from decades. This palace still holds the old and historical treasure of culture and tradition of the royal family in Morocco. Then we visited the El Badi Palace which is the ruined palace in Marrakesh, Morocco. The rich history of this palace is reported that this palace was commissioned by the sultan Ahmad al-Mansur who belonged from the Saadian dynasty shortly after his accession in 1578.

Mosques in Marrakech

There are many mosques in Marrakech which have the beautiful textured calligraphic walls and the artistic views, which no doubt tells that how perfect thought of the architect was basically. Koutoubia is the centre of attraction for most of the tourist who visits Marrakech, this mosque depicts the rich Islamic history of Morocco. This mosque has several other names, such as Jami’ al-Kutubiyah, Koutoubia Mosque, Kutubiya Mosque, Kutubiyyin Mosque, and Mosque of the Booksellers. This is the largest mosque in Morocco. After this mosque there comes the Ben Youssef Mosque which is surely the prettiest and the most attractive mosque after Koutoubia, this mosque is named after the Almoravid emir Ali ibn Yusuf. This mosque is assumed to be the old and the most sacred mosques of Muslims in Morocco.

Central Market Of Marrakech

Now when we talk about All Inclusive Morocco holidays we are talking about shopping as well which is why we reserved the last day for shopping and visiting the old markets in Morocco. The most wonderful market was the Jemaa el-Fnaa which was the central market for all the important and traditional things in Morocco. You can see the shops here seems like the shops in some carnbival but this carnival seems ti be here from decades! Soe we decided to buy the traditional stuff from Marrakech central market rather than going for the extraordinary brands, these all brands are found in London as well. So I brought the traditional scarf and the pumps which were the specialty of Marrakech female clothing.

These holidays were one of the most amazing tours we had in our lives, this is the reason why we still remember these holidays and want to travel Marrakech from London once again!

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