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How Can Networking Professionals Benefit from CCNA Certification?

CCNA Certification

The majority of candidates aiming for CCNA certification are networking professionals. This is because ever since Cisco unveiled this program, it was aimed primarily at such professionals who were indispensable in the then-burgeoning cellular phone industry and a still-nascent Internet.

Nowadays, however, many engineers from different disciplines pursue CCNA. CCNA certification’s primary benefits can best be enjoyed by networking professionals. Here are 7 ways how.

Ideal for career opportunities

Major IT and networking giants mostly recruit professionals having CCNA certification.

  • Recruiters place great emphasis on CCNA

It has been proven that networking professionals with CCNA certification receive greater importance when it comes to recruitments. While the figures available are sketchy, studies suggest that around 45-50% of weightage is placed by a recruiter on certifications like CCNA. The rest is based on experience and quantitative aptitude.

  • Good for an evolving career

The key to a long and productive career in networking is CCNA certification. Since the exam has to be taken once every few years, the skillsets that are developed last for much longer. The certification courses provide much more value as they are in tune with the latest demands of clients and in sync with hiring trends.

CCNA makes you future-ready

CCNA certification helps understand the demands of up and coming technologies, besides helping you in many other ways.

  • Helps you build a base

CCNA is one of the most basic courses that Cisco offers. In order to qualify easily for the more advanced courses, acing the CCNA is a must. Post that, you will be able to leapfrog to the other courses with CCNA acting as a base.

  • Builds knowledge-cum-experience

CCNA helps you achieve knowledge and experience simultaneously. Besides technical skills, the course also covers a gamut of other employee-friendly services, which will put you in good position in your next job.

  • Kickstarts your networking career

There has never been as good a time to be a networking professional as now. Adding CCNA to your list of certifications propels you to the top league. Your designation also increases, as does your salary. Overall, you will be in a much better job role.

Certification is valid worldwide

Once you complete your CCNA course, you are likely to take a long leap to your dream job around the world.

  • Opens doors to newer domains

Once you have completed your CCNA certification, you will have a lot more job roles to look forward to. Some new job roles that will be open to you are Junior Network Engineer, Senior Network Sales, jobs in multiprotocol environments, security assessment roles, or a System Engineer Level 1.

  • Proof of certification and universal recognition

A CCNA certificate proves that you have completely mastered the many sub-domains and that you are eligible for employment in competent roles. Besides, CCNA professionals are eligible for employment across the world, with the certificate accepted almost everywhere. It also means you can go overseas for jobs.

Remember to choose an institution which has in-house lab facilities as CCNA requires a lot of lab time. Ensure your chosen institution is enrolled with Cisco as a partner or service provider before you begin.

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